Homeless Accommodation Directory

Find your local homeless accommodation provider and sleep safe

Our Mission

HomelessAccommodation.com is a volunteer run online service to help people in need find safe sleeping accommodation in their local city.

We believe that shelter is a fundamental human right and everyone deserves safe sleeping accommodation in a real bed. Our website helps those in need of a safe place to sleep locate suitable accommodation options nearby.

If you are in need of a place to sleep make use of this directory to locate safe accommodation options nearby. We do suggest calling your chosen accommodation providers first to check on current bed availability and provider status before attending any location.

Volunteer Run

HomelessAccommodation.com is a volunteer run, community based project. Our team of volunteers give their time to help maintain and update the website with accurate listings for people needing safe sleeping accommodation.

Frequently Updated

We frequently update our accommodation provider listings and try our best to list suitable accommodation providers in every single city nation wide in the United States.

How You Can Help

Please link to HomelessAccommodation.com from webpages people who need safe sleeping accommodation are likely to visit and browse. Share and spread the word on social media too.

If you know of a homeless accommodation provider not currently listed in your city, please use this page to provide details so we can get them listed.

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