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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to a couple of questions we often get via email.

How do I change details for a listing on your website?

Please visit the edit listing page and submit details of the changes required. Our team of volunteers runs frequent website updates and will update the details for you in the next round of website updates.

How do I add our shelter’s details to your website?

Please visit the submit new listing page. There you can provide details for your shelter and we will post them in the relevant city so those in need can find your shelter.

Can you suggest a local shelter or service?

It’s best to select your state and nearest city with accommodation available using the website. We suggest calling providers¬†listed on our website and seeing if they have suitable accommodation options currently available.

Do you offer any forms of advertising?

This is a non-commercial website maintained by a team of volunteers. We do not allow advertising.

Is this website available free of charge?

Yes. Everything is free of charge. It’s free to find a nearby shelter if you are in need. It’s free to list a shelter if you are an accommodation provider. We run a free service to benefit the community.